Run Course

Run Course Directions

  • Athletes will leave transition and head west onto Stars and Strips Blvd, run over the Ted Hickey Bridge and turn slightly right onto Lake Shore Drive.
  • Runners will head west on Lake Shore Drive and run to Canal Blvd. where a u-turn is made just after Canal Blvd.  Once the U-turn is made athletes will run east on Lake Shore Drive to Beauregard Street where a right turn is made.
  • Once on Beauregard Street athletes will run south on across Robert Lee Blvd. and onto Wisner Blvd. and make a right turn onto Harrison Avenue.  Athletes will run along Harrison Ave. to Marconi Blvd. where a right turn is made until runners reach Robert E. Lee Blvd.  At Robert E. Lee runners will make a U-Turn to the left and head back south to Harrison Ave. where a left turn is made onto Harrison Ave.
  •  Once on Harrison Ave. runners will run east to Diagonal Drive, turn right and run to the finish line at Popps Fountain.

Run Course Rules and Instructions

  1. No form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed.
  2. Athletes must wear their race-issued bib number in front of them clearly visible at all times on the course.  Bib numbers identify the official athletes in the race.  Folding, cutting the bib number, intentional alteration of any kind, or failure to wear race number is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in disqualification.
  3. NO INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT VEHICLES OR NON-PARTICIPANT ESCORT RUNNERS ARE ALLOWED.  This is an individual endurance event.  Teamwork as a result of outside assistance, which provides an advantage over single competitors, is not allowed.  Individual support vehicles or non-participant escort runners will result in disqualification.  A non-participant escort runner includes athletes who have withdrawn from the race, have been disqualified or have finished the race.  Friends, family members, coaches or supporters of any type may not bike, drive or run alongside the athlete, may not pass food or other items to athlete and should be warned to stay completely clear of all athletes to avoid the disqualification of an athlete.  It is incumbent upon each athlete to immediately reject any attempt to assist, follow, or escort.  It IS permissible for an athlete who is still competing to run with other athletes who are still competing.
  4. Athletes are expected to follow the directions and instructions of all race officials, course marshals and public authorities.
  5. The sole responsibility of knowing and following the prescribed running course rests with each athlete.  No adjustments in times or results shall be made for athletes who fail to follow the proper course for any reason whatsoever.
  6. A shirt or racing top must be worn at all times.
  7. Communication devices of any type, such as cell phones and two-way radios are strictly prohibited during competition.  Use of such devices will result in disqualification.


    About the event

    The Ochsner IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans is comprised of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run.

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